Tuesday, 28 July 2015

SAP Functional Non Functional Modules in Sap

Functional Modules in Sap- As part of IT initiative, the client wanted to replace existing Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Point of Sale (POS) system to meet high level business requirements, complying with trading standards, align with existing systems and technical architecture. WHISHWORKS was engaged to design and implement SOA infrastructure and as part of the transformation, WHISHWORKS integrated disparate Enterprise systems like SAP, Sales Force, MES and POS, etc. Business Situation The client was already using SAP system for managing data for Manufacturing and Point-of-Sale (POS) systems. The manufacturing data included Bill of Materials (BOMs), new Production Orders in SAP, Delivery Notes and Airway Bill Information, etc. The Point-of-Sale system data includes Sales Orders, Products Information, Country, Currency, Exchange Rates, Store information, Price, VAT and Customer Information, etc. The following were the business drivers for integration of SAP with MES and POS systems: 1. The client had deployed a new MES (Manufacturing Execution System) which is used to manufacture Phones based on the data provisioned in SAP. The information available in SAP was supposed to be made available to MES. 2. A new POS system was rolled out and information available in SAP was supposed to be made available in POS system. The Sales Orders from POS system should be made available in SAP. 3. Two-way data transfer was required between SAP and MES and also between SAP and POS systems. SAP data transfer to MES and EPOS should support High Availability and Reliability.

Non functional modules in sap- Technical Situation The following were technical challenges for Integration of SAP with MES and POS systems: 1. The MES and EPOS systems cannot integrate with SAP directly 2. The MES system should reuse existing SAP features like BAPIs and IDocs 3. The master data for Manufacturing in SAP should be made available to new MES and EPOS systems as batch processes 4. The Production Orders and other transaction data in SAP should be available in MES in real time 5. Two-way data transfer is required. i.e. MES data for confirmation of Production Orders and Delivery Notes have to be confirmed in SAP 6. POS system should receive master data from SAP as IDocs and it should be a batch process 7. Sales Order from POS should be saved in SAP as IDocs 8. SAP data transfer to MES and EPOS should support High Availability and Reliability 9. SAP data transfer for batch operations should support throttling of data to MES and POS Solution WHISHWORKS had proposed and designed the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for developing interface services that would enable different functionalities as reusable services and also integrate SAP with disparate systems like MES and POS. WHISHWORKS implemented an effective way of SAP integration using a low cost Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to address all the business drivers. 2013 © WHISHWORKS Page3 Integration for SAP BAPI functions: As part of ESB flow definition, a SAP endpoint (inbound or outbound) was required. BAPI function name was configured in SAP endpoint. When a BAPI was executed for Production Orders, the ESB’s inbound endpoint is triggered and the Production Order is returned to ESB processer as JCOFunction object which contains data in tabular form (similar to JDBC resultset). In case of Outbound data to SAP, ESB posts Production Order or Delivery Note confirmation message in XML format. The message payload is converted to XML using ESB’s out of the box APIs. Integration for SAP using IDocs: As part of ESB flow definition, a SAP inbound endpoint was used to receive IDocs from SAP. A new destination (Program ID) was created in SAP, the IDocs created in SAP were also published to the new destination.

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