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Example, in case of Price/VAT data from SAP, ESB receives IDocs as JCO IDocDocumentList elements. Each IDocDocument contains IDoc metadata and Segments which internally had the Segment data (Price or VAT information). ESB can receive multiple IDocs at any time. In case of Inbound data to SAP i.e. the Sales Order from POS to SAP, ESB converted payload to IDoc XML format using XML-to-IDoc transformer and posted the request to SAP. Support for Clustering, HA, Reliability and Throttling: Mule ESB Enterprise can be clustered to support High Availability. The SAP adaptors are cluster aware. The TID handler should be configured to use database in case of Clustered ESB nodes to ensure that ESB does not process same transaction twice. Reliability and Throttling was enabled by using Active MQ message broker using Mule ESB provided out of the box connector. Throttling was controlled through configurations such that the ESB processes the load to downstream systems like MES or EPOS based on the ACK response. Batch process and Tuning: It is possible for ESB to handle higher volume of data from SAP to support batch process. ESB received data from SAP and output to destination interfaces were throttled using Active MQ. ESB also provides options to tune the number of threads for processing. Benefits Client got the following benefits from WHISHWORKS implemented solution:  Increased Business Alignment: The ability to create an integrated agile software infrastructure for changing business needs  Better Business Efficiency: The ability to streamline, automate, and enable a better tracking and visibility to business processes  Improved Business Visibility: There is ability to integrate systems and to aggregate data for a consistent and accurate view of business  Significant cost savings by using low cost Mule ESB Enterprise  Support Functional and Non-functional requirements 2013 © WHISHWORKS Page5 Products and Services Used  Mule Enterprise ESB (with SAP Adaptors)  Active MQ Message broker (for Reliability, Throttling) Conclusion The design and integration of SAP with MES and POS system by WHISHWORKS enabled the client to have seamless data transfer between client’s SAP system to MES and POS systems thus enabling reuse of existing SAP IDocs and BAPIs. Our client was able to perform operations related to manufacturing and POS thus ensuring a two way data transfer is achieved supporting nonfunctional requirements like reliably and HA. As we were using low cost Mule ESB, it saved cost to our client, effort and time to interact with disparate systems.

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