Saturday, 1 August 2015

AngularJS Training institute in Noida

AngularJS is one core library.
I really like that concept because I don’t have to rely on a million other scripts and worrying about
Those different script versions playing nicely into the future.
If you work on a development team then maintenance should be some type of a goal for you,
Especially if you do the maintenance.
Angular, in my view, gives a nice solid core that you can build on top of.
Now what are some of the features?
We have two-way data binding. We have the Model-View-Controller concept. Routing of the Views I
Mentioned into the shell pages is done through built-in routing support and I’ll show how to do that
In this video.
Testing was designed right from the beginning so you can build very robust tests if you’d like, which
Is obviously recommended.
For DOM manipulation jQLite is built-in which is kind of like the Mini-Me of jQuery. If you want to
use more advanced stuff you can even use jQuery and they play really nice together: Angular and
When it comes to data binding we have full support for templates. History’s built in. We can share
code through factories and services and other things.
Then there’s even more. We have the concept of data-binding with View Models. Directives I’m
going to be talking about in the next section, which is a way to teach HTML new tricks. Validation.
Dynamically injecting different features at run time through dependency injection and much much

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