Tuesday, 23 June 2015

interior designer in Noida

We have architecture and design of interiors Studio, which are able to establish a name in the field for the supply of a wide range of services, from design was implemented. Our mandate in 10 years, we have successfully completed numerous projects, from residential to commercial in Delhi, NCR, Chandigarh, Fortuna now, Bangalore, Hyderabad and various other cities of India. We can help to redefine the concept of your sweet home design adequate space, the concept of natural lighting with sophisticated color palette, design services for wall decor, custom designed furniture. Internal commercial Consulting includes art of designing the interior the entire office and commercial buildings the beautiful colors that make it attractive also for member’s office. It includes various design and painting used in various places and parts of the office, such as the floor, windows, doors, walls, lighting, furniture, with the aid of several pieces of the design. We made many consulting projects of interior commercial in Delhi and Delhi NCR. Family’s owners who furniture and home furnishings made of wood to be used are also to have advantages carpenters to make them more flexible and adaptable, depending on the availability of space. Wooden furniture is comfortable to use, and this material has obviously remains for a long period in a normal environment. Decorators in Delhi NCR techniques used carpentry furniture to make room for the house artistically beautiful with the help of the flagship products of daily household use in different places, such as music stand in a living room, closet or closets in the bedroom and an open cabinets or shelves kitchen.
We all have underground cabling ceiling. We are very strong on electrical work. We are distributing power with the right to the connected equipment. We are distributing the electricity from the electrical panel. We offered interior service for Bedrooms, Dining, Kitchen, Exteriors and Living Room.
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